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Schedule regular visits at your teams in all workplaces and ask them about the main complaints from their internal and external customers, as well as the main difficulties they experience from using internal systems. 


Listen for your teams' understanding of what end customers are really asking for ad look out for typical signs of "Big Company Disease":

  • Internal processes are more important than customers' clear and present requests
  • Turf wars between departments make collaboration awkward and different systems are being implemented without coordination
  • Talented employees are being kept down by middle-managers who try to protect senior managers from criticism
  • It's hard to make the difference between legacy technologies (ditch them) and heritage ones (reinvest in them).

Your challenge is to make a shortlist of issue to investigate more deeply by asking teams here and there to try something new.

Thinking Further


Dr. Michael Ballé will assist as virtual sensei for this e-learning experience with your own team to illustrate the key concepts you'll explore in the book.