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To get started, define a "truck delivery plan," whether with physical product or with service that shows exactly what customers expect and when.


From that on, ask your teams to try to deliver exactly to customers requests and to log any problems they encounter in doing so.

This will then translate into visualizing day plans in order to deliver exactly to customer demand and to question the lean fundamental of "sell one make one."


On the basic of JOB = WORK + KAIZEN ask the teams to each pick one item of improvement that could help them to get closer to deliver exactly what customers ask for, both in quality and in timely delivery.

Make sure your schedule of gemba visits allows you to follow, encourage and support their efforts in doing so.


The real challenge for you is to ask yourself: "what should I change in my management practice to better align each person's success with delivering more value to customers?"

Thinking Further


Dr. Michael Ballé will assist as virtual sensei for this e-learning experience with your own team to illustrate the key concepts you'll explore in the book.